About us

High performance in the background – since 1880
What does it take to stay new, fresh and innovative during more than 130 years? In short, nothing more than a clear focus on customer needs and pragmatic solutions.

Meisenbach pens are not available on the market as an own brand. We prefer using our experience and creativity for providing you with proficient advice on how to successfully position pens with your brand or to find the most appropriate tool to your marketing message – starting from an inexpensive mainstream ballpoint pen to a top-quality fountain pen.

Flexible production and proficient advice
Ready to fulfil your demands: 24 injection moulding machines, 7 finishing machines and more than 60 highly qualified employees are the basis for quality made in Germany, made in Odenwald – the beautiful region where we are located.

You know your targets and target groups, we know the trends and technologies. This combination results in a partnership based on trust, performance and engagement. Why don’t you come to see us in the charming region of Fischbachtal and convince yourself.





Writing systems

Individualized and well designed
Fountain pens, ballpoint pens, inkliners or retractable pencils – which writing system is best suited for your needs? Do you wish to facilitate the learning process to fashion-obsessed kids, to provide office workers with a suitable every-day tool or to simply spread your trademark? We will be more than happy to advise you on our range – and design the perfect pen for your requirements.


Fountain pen


Ballpoint pen

Push button pencil






Your brand – your pen
How does a pen have to look like in order to fit your brand or trademark licence and to excite your customers? Let’s find it out together. In our workshops we analyse your targets and requirements, show you the existing opportunities and finally choose the optimal solution which can be as individual as you desire. Thanks to the modular Meisenbach kit system we are highly flexible in terms of form, technology and surface.

The right pen at the right moment
Though we are located in the beautiful, but slightly remote Odenwald region, we continuously observe the trends and hot spots of creative developments. That’s why we can support you with plenty of know how and provide you with up-to-date advice.

Changing collections for a greater variety
Your individual products can be ordered starting from a quantity of nothing more than 150 pieces – including an attractive packaging. Thus, you are given the opportunity to change collections according to your customers’ individual preferences. At the same time you are showing that you know the trends. For seasonal occasions as Christmas or Back to school you can bring up special ideas and time and again surprise your customers.

Do not trust anybody if you want your pens to be profitable. Contact the private label specialists from Meisenbach.


Back to School

Fountain pens – writing instruments and fashionable accessoires
Entire generations of students have learnt to write with a Meisenbach fountain pen. This fills us with pride and motivation. When it comes to develop a new pen, we continuously take into account the most recent research findings in pedagogy and writing ergonomics for making sure that each pen is even better than the previous model.

Learning success is affected by the type of fountain pen
Children need to have fun if they are supposed to keep doing something with pleasure. This is also true when it comes to learning how to write legibly and fluently. That’s why we focus on an ergonomic form for our student pens which allows a relaxed position of the hand, thus avoiding tenseness or fatigue. The optimal ink fluency without any scratching leads to a tidy writing impression. Special fountain pens for beginners and advanced students introduce kids and youngsters to the exciting world of writing.

From cool to stylish
Students understand very quickly that their handwriting is a part of their personality. That’s why a pen should be more than any old writing tool. Trendy colours, stylish prints and hip designs enhance the expressive effect of the fountain pen which ends up becoming a fashion accessory.

In our look books you will discover how to reach the hearts of the students. Needless to say that we are at any time at your disposal for a personal interview.


Advertising tools

Your pen as an advertising tool – as individual as you desire
Pens are popular marketing tools. However, most of them are quite commonplace. Up to you to choose something special and attain a sustainable marketing effect.

This is easier than you might think. During a comprehensive advisory session we help you to find the trendy designs and colours that will excite your customers. Together we will design the solution that optimally fits your needs.

Endless possibilities – and the right one for you
Thanks to the modular Meisenbach kit system you can individualize your pen in order to make it unique on the market – and perfectly suitable for your brand and your company.
Choose your perfect special colour or make use of the Pantone range to convey your special corporate design to your pen. Our high-quality finishing techniques include pad printing, silk-screen printing, etching and embossing up to foiling and clip conception – so many possibilities to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing message.

It goes without saying that we carefully respect your deadlines and budget and thus facilitate your marketing planning. Contact us to make sure your brand is first in good and then in many hands.

The distribution of our advertising material is managed by the company STABILO Promotion Products.
For any requests please refer to the site www.stabilo-promotion.com









Publications – Knowing the trends first!
Any old standards can be found everywhere. We go beyond standard. Our trend scouts continuously observe the latest developments in a wide range of areas – be that juvenile street art, sophisticated office environment or fashion and beauty. That’s why we have the know-how to recommend products, colours and designs that definitely will appeal to your customers. You will find some inspirations here.












Printing and finishing

Printing and finishing – or how to optimize your pen!
A writing tool can be designed that way that it becomes the user’s favourite fashion accessory. For reaching this effect, it simply has to play on emotions and to tell stories.

Seduce your customers with high-quality surface finishing and tailor-made solutions. We will be more than happy to show you all the opportunities and to advise you on what suits you best.


Screen printing

Relief printing

Soft touch

Thermal printing

Rundum Film Folierung

360° foil


Glitter lacquering


Scneted lacquering